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EcoTourism Belize launches its transportation service to provide guests a more comfortable travel experience.

EcoTourism Belize (ETB) is Ya’axché’s social business arm, that provides ecotour services within the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve and around its buffer communities. ETB offers ecotours which provide guests with  educational and indulging experiences with nature, eco-farms and culture. ETB is excited to  introduce its transportation services with its new 16 seater tour van which now offers travel needs to individuals, families and social groups.  

EcoTourism Tour Van | Photo by: Sayuri Tzul

Our tour van offers a more safe and comfortable travel experience which allows guests to travel from the international airport or any local air strips and facilitates travel between site visits. The van is well labeled, fully equipped and functioning with fastened seat belts for each passenger’s safety. 

Due to the current health crisis, ETB ensured all safety measures are installed,  first aid kit, fire extinguisher and COVID-19 kit are available at all times. ETB tour van has implemented COVID-19 travel protocols which includes the proper use of face masks, social distancing and  provides alcohol based hand sanitizers to all passengers. The van also offers a high standard of cleanliness and sanitization and has a well prepared and vaccinated driver available to make our guests’ travel experience as safe and enjoyable.

While travelling with us, ETB drivers will properly instruct all passengers with all the COVID-19 protocols which includes any travel stop guidelines. The passengers luggage will be loaded and transported in another vehicle or van luggage carrier. Upon arrival at the destination, all luggage will be disinfected with alcohol based spray disinfectant and passengers should pass by our temperature booth and follow established COVID-19 protocols on our property. 

Guest sanitizing their hands before entering ETB Tour Van| Photo by: Sayuri Tzul

EcoTourism Belize keeps improving its services to provide guests a memorable experience with culture and nature. 

Book your next transportation need with us when travelling to southern Belize. For more information email us at [email protected] or contact us at 722-0108.

Properly labeled ETB Tour Van at Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. | Photo by: Sayuri Tzul

The improvement of our service is supported by EuropeAid and @PressACP through #BIOPAMA project entitled: “Boosting EcoTourism Belize to Support Sustainable Conservation in the Maya Golden Landscape of Southern Belize.”

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