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Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education (YICE) is connecting nature, wildlife, and communities for a more sustainable world. YICE is the sustainable financing business initiative of Ya’axché Conservation Trust, formally established in 2015. YICE is established to generate flexible funding to support Ya’axche’s conservation goals and activities in the Maya Golden Landscape.

Our primary objective is to be an exemplary model for sustainable tourism and community development in the Toledo district by creating transformative experiences. These experiences have been carefully designed to provide an authentic experience through local guidance, while minimizing our impact on the natural environment and reinvesting in conservation. We are more than providing ecotourism services, we support conservation and improve community livelihoods by investing our profits. We are facilitating income generating opportunities for our community partners, encourage sustainable agriculture production while protecting nature and wildlife.   We provide an opportunity for local and international visitors to come and experience an unforgettable ecotour in the pristine Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. Visitors will learn about the wildlife that are thriving in the untouched forests that is surrounded by breath-taking views of natural lush watersheds.

We offer rare educational opportunities of visiting a nature reserve and learning about all conservation efforts for its preservation. Through your visits, you will be interacting with local community members who will teach you how natural produce in the forest can be extracted and utilized for the making of various exquisite maya cuisine, crafts among other things. Engage in learning about Maya culture, sustainable farming models and indulge in hand making of chocolate. This ensures gaining life changing experiences by participating in the conservation activities of Ya’axché Conservation Trust.

Engage in safe, fun and authentic experiences today. By booking a tour or a stay with us, you are directly supporting conservation in southern Belize!

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