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Our Story

EcoTourism Belize is a social business operating under Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education (YICE) – the business initiative of Ya’axché Conservation Trust. YICE is connecting nature, wildlife and communities for a more sustainable worldEcoTourism Belize (ETB) allows visitors to experience nature and culture as it was meant to be, while supporting conservation and community development. EcoTourism Belize began with our signature ecotour Ranger for a Day and was formalized in 2015 with the establishment of Ya’axché’s business initiative. 

Our 8 ecotours and various packages are conducted by skilled, friendly and highly experienced guides within and outside of the rainforest and local communities to provide guests with the opportunity to learn how the entire ecosystem interacts with each of its components.

EcoTourism Belize empowers local community-based sustainable economic development by supporting microenterprises and assisting in the sale of their products and services. All proceeds support ongoing conservation efforts in the Maya Golden Landscape through Ya’axché’s  wonderful programs, Community Outreach and Livelihoods and Protected Areas Management.

The main aim of EcoTourism Belize is to protect wild places and wildlife while supporting sustainable livelihoods of communities in southern Belize through safe, fun and authentic experiences for all.  

Our ecotours are based at the Ya’axché Golden Stream Field Station, 30 miles from Punta Gorda

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