Explore the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve with one of our bird specialists

Birds of Belize

  • Minimum: 5 guests per tour
  • Maximum: 8 guests per tour
  • Duration: 4 Hours (6 hours optional)
  • Price: $85 USD per person (includes late breakfast)
  • Booking: 3 days in advance required


  • If traveling by bus from Punta Gorda, the cost is $5 USD round trip.
  • Inquire about private transportation. We will gladly assist.   

Discount is available for Groups of 10 or more

Tour Overview

Join our Birds of Belize tour with one of our bird specialists for an early morning bird monitoring session. Belize has approximately 600 birds species, and our Golden Stream Corridor Preserve is home to almost half of them.

Follow the trail and listen and look out for some of the 200+ birds that make the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve home, recording them as you go. See if you can spot Belize’s national bird – the keel-billed toucan as well as the ornate hawk-eagle, bat falcon, swallow-tailed kite, yellow-headed parrot, hummingbirds, kingfishers, woodpeckers, tanagers and many flycatchers! We will stop and listen to calls and seek to identify birds moving between trees as they feed in the morning, recording the species as we go. w

We will follow an established ranger patrol trail but you can expect to get muddy and hot during this birding encounter. So what better way than to finish off with a cool dip in Golden Stream before returning to our field center for late morning refreshments. 

After your birding adventure, you can update your eBird list over the wifi at Ya’axché’s field station. 

You can also inquire about birding on a farm with a local Maya farmer!

Fitness level: Moderate



We are more than happy to amend the itinerary to meet your needs based on your time and length of stay in the Toledo District, southern Belize.

  • 6:15am – Arrive at Ya’axché Field Station, Golden Stream Corridor Preserve
  • 6:30am – Tour begins
  • 9:45am –  Late breakfast at local Maya women’s group
  • 10:45m – Tour concludes

Click this link for directions to the Field Center at Golden Stream Corridor Preserve.

We Recommend

  • Sturdy walking shoes/boots with a good tread, expect them to get muddy and wet depending on the season
  • Non-aerosol, eco-friendly bug spray
  • Eco-friendly sunscreen
  • Lightweight, long pants and a long-sleeve shirt with the option of a t-shirt or other quick drying shirt
  • Hat with rim and/or bandana
  • Binoculars and a camera if you care to get a closer look and record some of your sightings. We do have a couple of binoculars available for loan if you don’t have them available. These are loaned based on first-registered guests.
  • Bathing suit and a towel if you fancy a dip in the stream
  • Water and a snack for the trail

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