Our Day Tours

Join us for a transformative ecotour experience in pristine nature and welcoming communities in southern Belize!


Patrol the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve alongside a local Maya Ranger guide for an unparalleled experience in a Belize protected area with amazing forests and river. You will be part of an official Ya’axché ranger patrol in an important forest corridor. Enjoy connecting to the wilderness and appreciate nature!

US $60 per person


Immerse yourself in the Maya Culture and get a deeper connection with one of Belize’s unique cultures. Learn and experience the historical roots through spirituality, traditional culinary, cacao bean chocolate making, creativity and artistic quality of arts, crafts, music, and dances of this indigenous group.

US $60 per person


Paddle down the scenic Golden Stream River with a Ya’axché ranger on an official river patrol. This is your chance to experience calmness while connecting to nature, get your feet wet and learn about the conservation efforts to protect the unique wildlife of this reserve.

Available upon reservation: swimming for experienced visitors to add fun on this tour.

US $95 per person


Visit a cacao-based agroforestry farm alongside a Maya farmer. See how a farmer produces organic cacao and other farm produce for household consumption hand in hand with nature to sustain their families. You can sample the fruits in season, farm produce, or indulge in hand chocolate making and lend a helping hand on the farm.

US $60 per person


Explore the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve where our avian specialist can help you check off key broadleaf forest and freshwater species like the Great Ant shrike, Bat Falcon, and Kingfishers to name a few. Birding on farms and panoramic views is available based on interest.

US $85 per person

Additional fee for Binocular ($5USD/HR)


Spend quality time with a Maya farmer and learn about the Inga Alley Cropping farming system. Engage in an eco-friendly, climate-smart agriculture practice that is being pioneered in the Maya Golden Landscape of southern Belize. You can sample the fruits in season, participate in Inga pruning or lend a helping hand on the farm.

US $60 per person


Experience an awesome Nature Tour and connect your soul with the calmness and wilderness of the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. Come to learn, relax, and enjoy the amazing 15,441-acre Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. Learn about thriving medicinal and threatened trees species and observe wildlife tracks on the forest floors.

US $60 per person


Let your next kayak paddling experience be on the refreshing Golden Stream River with a partner. Our two person kayaks are comfortable to get a true paddler’s experience while enjoying the cool river. Enjoy the scenes of nature along the riverside while relaxing or having fun!

US $95 per person


Get an educational tour on reforestation efforts complemented with a reforestation activity in southern Belize. Get involved to reforest degraded lands in the Maya Golden Landscape to improve biodiversity, which can result in increased primary production, reduced vulnerability and increased ecological resistance to pressures such as climate change. Restore a greener planet with us!

US $60 per person


A deeper connection into the Maya culture in Belize is by visiting and witnessing the historical archaeological Mayan sites in Toledo. Each site has its own story and history. Enhance your knowledge or complement our tour for a greater cultural learning experience.

US $60 per person

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