Join us for our experiential learning!

Experiential Learning

Our experiential learning programs are designed to accommodate students, researchers, interns and volunteers  in study abroad, gap year or distance learning activities that contribute to local and community conservation. We also welcome families and individuals with an interest in learning about conservation and sustainability.

Programs are developed in conjunction with our parent organization, Ya’axché Conservation Trust, which manages 770,000 acres across its focal area called the Maya Golden Landscape. By supporting us you are helping to achieve Ya’axché’s vision for harmony between nature and human development for the benefit of both.

Participants in our programs work with Ya’axché enforcement rangers, science rangers, extension officers, program managers, and program directors. Programs can be tailored according to your length of stay in the country.Southern Belize is the perfect location to gain hands on experiences that will allow you to expand your knowledge, skills and values in conservation and sustainable community stewardship. Together we can plan a quality learning experience through a variety of activities from presentations to eco-friendly tours to service projects with stakeholders directly involved with the work Ya’axché does.

Our friendly and highly qualified staff is capable of providing experiences that will create life long memories for you or your group. Specialties include tropical forestry, protected areas management, research and monitoring, geographic information systems, freshwater monitoring, bird and mammal monitoring, snail collection and identification, botany, bat monitoring, community outreach and education, integrated farming, establishing cacao-based and Inga alley cropping farm plots and eco-tourism. Your group can enjoy our rustic, off grid, eco-friendly bunkhouse or camping grounds and wifi facilities at our Field Center during your stay with us.

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