EcoTourism Belize’s COVID-19 measures is providing a safer environment

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EcoTourism Belize (ETB) has implemented COVID-19 measures to manage its operations in a safer and more effective manner throughout the pandemic.

In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries across the globe have implemented public health and social measures to prevent the spread of the virus, including movement restrictions, closure of schools, businesses and airports and even quarantine periods. EcoTourism Belize is the eco tour operator of Ya’axche Institute for Conservation Education (YICE), Ya’axché’s financial initiative. As an eco tour operator, ETB was directly affected by these necessary measures by losing booked tours and other business activities. 

In response to the health and financial crisis, ETB aims to fully reopen business by providing a safe workplace and visitor experience by implementing mandatory COVID-19 measures. This required the implementation of precautionary measures of physical distancing, hand washing, regular sanitization, education and monitoring compliance at Golden Stream Corridor Preserve (GSCP), our center for welcoming visitors.

Golden Stream Corridor Preserve Landscape view. | Photo by: Sayuri Tzul

ETB now welcomes visitors to its facilities, located at GSCP with enhanced standard of cleanliness and proper first response measures. The temperature booth is equipped with a non-contact thermometer where the Gold Standard Program Manager (GSPM) takes every individual’s body temperature  and records it into a log book. Every visitor and staff are required to take their temperature upon arrival and departure on the property. 

temperature taking at the entrance of Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. | Photo by: Florentino Chiac

Hand-washing and sanitizing booths are installed across the grounds and in every ETB facility to provide visitors with proper and regular sanitization. Signages of how to wash hands, how to properly wear a mask and encouraging social distancing are also placed in every facility to promote the preventative measures of the COVID-19 virus.

Hand-washing and sanitization station at Golden Stream Corridor Pres
ETB’s office shield protector. | Photo by: Marcelia Assi

ETB has implemented mandatory policies for the proper use of face masks and the practice of social distancing at all times. Regular cleaning and disinfection of high touched surfaces procedures are implemented and monitored by the Golden Standard Program Manager. The GSPM also monitors the compliance of the above mentioned COVID-19 measures. ETB is now able to welcome visitors to our grounds and is open with all services for tours, transportation and meal catering in a safer environment. Our priority is to continue offering all our services with an overall enhanced health and safety plan while minimizing the impact on the experience to all our visitors. 

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