Tree Planting Mission in remote Toledo, Belize

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Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education partners with Barefoot Children Ministries to provide high quality organic seedlings to remote communities in southern Belize.

Our nursery, which falls under the sustainable financing initiative Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education (YICE), can produce over 50,000 native seedling species. The Barefoot Children Ministries from Saint Louis, Missouri partnered with us to provide 8 remote communities in the Toledo district with fruit and timber seedlings. The tree planting mission, channeled throught the Catholic Primary Schools, is to support families in protecting the environment, improving nutrition and diversifying income.

So far we have delivered 270 high quality fruit seedlings to Blue Creek, San Lucas and Corazon Creek. Ya’axché’s farming experts accompanied the delivery to shared knowledge on how to transplant and care for the seedlings. The families were happy to receive the seedlings.

Malay Apple Planting - EcoTourism Belize

Students planting a fruit tree, Malay apple, at the school grounds. | Photo by: Marcelia Assi

“The staff from Ya’axché provided an excellent presentation on how to plant and care for the trees when they delivered the trees. Their passion for the environment is inspiring!” shared Anny Lacker of Barefoot Children Ministries.

We thank and applaud the Barefoot Children Ministries on this unique partnership and initiative, one that will have a long-lasting impact. We can hardly wait to watch this program GROW!

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