Tree Planting Mission continues in southern Belize

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YICE’s Nursery, in partnership with Barefoot Children Ministries, provided over 650  tree seedlings to remote, southern communities in 2019.

Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education (YICE), the sustainable financing program of Ya’axché Conservation Trust, partnered with Barefoot Children Ministries on a tree planting mission to promote healthy and sustainable livelihoods in communities in southern Belize. During this planting mission, 388 fruit and timber seedlings, all sourced from our Nursery facility, were distributed to 180 families in 3 rural communities.

YICE’s Nursery was established to provide coffee, cacao and Inga seedlings to farmers in order to facilitate the agroforestry plantations. Since then, our nursery has been expanded to 2,928 square feet with the capacity to grow 55,000 seedlings. Today, our nursery not only supports farmers and other community members but also sustainable projects across Belize. One of those projects is that of Barefoot Children Ministries, a nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to improving the environment and nutrition of Belizean families in the Toledo district while facilitating their economic development. 

Tree sapling distribution - Marvin Vasquez/Ya'axche

YICE Busines Manager Marcelia Assi along with members of the Barefoot Children Ministries handing out seedlings. | Photo by: Marvin Vasquez

On June 6, 2019, the villagers of Conejo, Sunday Wood and Otoxha received a variety of seedlings including cedar, mahogany, jamaican lime, bilimbi and kinep. The distribution of timber and fruit species will support climate resiliency in these communities by enhancing carbon sequestration and sustaining livelihoods and food sovereignty. Upon receiving the seedlings, a short presentation was provided to children and their families on how to plant and take care of the seedlings so that the young trees can thrive. This was followed by a hands-on demonstration on how to transplant the seedlings from their bags. Our dedicated staff was more than happy to be part of this project; they especially enjoyed watching the excited children receive their seedlings.

Cacao seedlings at Ya'axche's Nursery - Maximiliano Caal

Newly germinated cacao seedlings at Ya’axché’s Nursery. | Photo: Maximiliano Caal

This year, we have delivered 658 healthy organic trees to 305 families in 6 communities. YICE hopes to continue working with Barefoot Children Ministries and looks forward to the triannual distribution of seedlings to communities in the Toledo district. We welcome partnerships with individuals and organizations on projects that aim to bring sustainable livelihoods in Belize.

Our nursery is located at Mile 68 on the Southern Highway, Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. Contact us at 722-0108 or email [email protected] or visit us to purchase your seedlings or make your order.

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