Immerse yourself in the Maya Culture

  • Minimum: 3 guests per tour
  • Maximum: 15 guests per tour, can accommodate larger groups.
  • Duration: 3-4hours
  • Price: $60 USD per person (includes lunch)
  • Booking: Per booking policy, when in Belize 24 hours in advance required.


  • If traveling by bus from Punta Gorda, the cost is $6 USD round trip.
  • Inquire about our private transportation. We will gladly plan and assist.

One of the true treasures of Belize is its unique people and their culture. You will gain an immersive experience that offers the best opportunity to enhance a deeper connection with one of Belize’s many cultures – one that you will surely never forget. In the Toledo District, you will discover the Maya Culture firsthand and find that Belize’s historical roots are alive through the traditional lifestyle of the Maya people. You will spend the day learning how the local Maya live by learning from the women.

Join in various arts and crafts making lessons such as basket weaving, calabash engraving, wood carving, weaving of traditional cuxtal bags or hand bands and indulge in chocolate making from cacao beans. Be a part of the preparation and cooking of a traditional fire hearth meal. If dancing is a great interest of yours then you will certainly leave with a new traditional dance, the marimba, or the harp dance.

This is a glimpse into a culture that has existed in this region for thousands of years and interact with some truly wonderful people. The women you meet with will tailor their time to your interests so if there are certain activities which pique your curiosity more than others, please let them know.

Your traditional meal can be tailored according to your dietary restrictions. The Maya women’s groups have souvenirs you can purchase such as baskets, wood carvings, slate carvings, and handbags, just to name a few. Add value to your cultural experience by taking a souvenir.


Fitness level: Low

We are more than happy to amend the itinerary to meet your needs based on your time and length of stay in the Toledo District, southern Belize.

  • 9:15am – Arrive at Ya’axché Field Station, Golden Stream Corridor Preserve or at the designated location of this tour
  • 9:20am – Depart for local Maya women’s group in nearby village
  • 9:30am – Maya Cultural experience begins
  • 12:00pm – Lunch at local Maya women’s group
  • 1:30pm – Tour concludes

Click this link for directions to the Field Center at Golden Stream Corridor Preserve.

  • This tour has no requirements other than a willingness to try new things and a positive attitude and open to new culture, tradition, and customs.
  • Non-aerosol bug spray
  • Drinking water

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