Archeological Sites In Toledo

Get a deeper connection with the Maya Culture by visiting some of the historical archaeological sites in southern Belize

  • Minimum: 3 guests per tour
  • Maximum: 15 guests per tour, can accommodate larger groups.
  • Duration: 3- 4 Hours
  • Price: $40 USD per person (does not include lunch)
  • Booking: Per booking policy, when in Belize 24 hours in advance required


  • If traveling by bus from Punta Gorda, the cost is $6 USD round trip.
  • Inquire about our private transportation service. We will gladly plan and assist.

Whether you are interested in archaeology, history, culture or expanding knowledge on conservation of archaeological sites, Toledo Belize should be on your list! Gather the unique perspective on human history and culture about the Maya civilization by visiting either the Nim Li Punit or Lubantuun archaeological sites in Toledo Belize. Each of these sites have their own story and history that will surely pique your interest.

Connect with the passionate guides that will share their knowledge and facts about the site you are visiting. You will witness true valuable preserved treasures of each site. Enjoy scenic panoramic views as you walk around the site.

This peaceful walk can also be complemented with a Maya Culture Visit tour.

Fitness level: Moderate

We are more than happy to amend the itinerary to meet your needs based on your time and length of stay in the Toledo District, southern Belize.

  • 9:00am – Arrive at Ya’axché Field Station, Golden Stream Corridor Preserve or at designated archaeological site location
  • 9:30am – Tour begins
  • 11:00am – Tour concludes

Click this link for directions to the Field Center at Golden Stream Corridor Preserve.

  • Sturdy walking shoes/boots with a good tread. Expect them to get muddy and wet, depending on the season.
  • Non-aerosol bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat with rim and/or bandana
  • Binoculars and a camera if you care to get a closer look and record some of your sightings or experience.

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